Groupon ios & android app

I joined Groupon in 2012 and since then I have worked on a myriad of projects involving almost every section of the app. The app has evolved year over year through small and big transformations, always making sure we are improving the experience for the user while increasing sales and revenue. The app today is a top-rated app in both the App Store and Google Play. 


i designed, i worked

Some of the projects I've worked on include: Purchase Drivers, Universal Deal Cards, New 200+ Icon Set, Icon Guidelines, Apple Pay Integration, iOS App Icons, Payment Methods, Shipping Address Management, My Profile, Lock Screen, Change Password, Transitions (Deal Page, Processing, Thank you Page), Thank you Pages, iOS Cleanup, Sign In/Sign Up Screen, Sexual Wellness Visibility, Sold out/Deal Ended Deal Cards, Video Thumbnails, Exposed Categories, G Tray, Alchemy (Face Value), Cross-Sell Widget, Amazon Fire Phone App, App 3D Icon, Checkout Optimization, Send as Gift, Shopping Cart, Groupon UI Guidelines, GIG Website, Guidelines Internal Communication, Groupon UI Kit, Groupon Reserve End-to-End Experience for iOS/Android/Web.


BEst Mobile retail app

"ARC stack ranked the 43 retailers based on a weighted average of their Android and iOS mobile user sentiment scores". Other companies in this list are Rue La La, Gilt, Apple Store, REI, and 39 more retailers with most sales from mobile apps. Companies like Amazon and did not qualify as less than 40% of their sales come from mobile.

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best app quality - mass merchants

ARC from Applause authored this report to help retail brands understand how U.S. customers perceive their flagship Android and iOS app quality. Out of 95 retailer popular apps, just three retailers earned average app quality scores of 80 or greater with more than 4,000 user reviews, Fanatics, Domino's Pizza and Groupon. 

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