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1986 Tissot Watch

Tissot introduced the first mass-produced pocket watch and the first pocket watch with two time zones in 1853. Later, the first anti-magnetic watch in 1929–30, and in 1986 the first two timer watch. This last one is the most interesting to me. Interesting because even though the Tissot and the Apple Watch are decades apart and technologically distant, their designs are still very similar.

Tissot 1986

My Groupon drawer

Some explorations I’ve done here at Groupon. Some of these never saw the light of the day. They are here now, in the drawer, waiting for someone to pick them up and spark an idea, inspire or find a solution to a problem.


I have a black iPhone, or Space Gray. Mainly because I like to see a complete black slate when the screen is off. However, when I’m designing I like to think how it would look on a white iPhone. This usually makes the decision much harder.


A different project

I have always been attracted to fresh water aquariums. In 2012 I put together a 10-gallon tank with 4 goldfish and a blue crayfish (a freshwater lobster). Needless to say, it lacked research and ended up making terrible misinformed decisions. The aquarium was overstocked and the blue crayfish ate one of the gold fish. I returned the fish to my local fish store, sold the tank on craigslist and started my research with two books: 101 Best Tropical Fish and Aquarium Plants.

One year later, this is the result. I learned many things during this time, some of my favorite are that there are top, medium and bottom swimmer fish, which is great to know because it will create balance in your tank. Another thing I liked was that there are shy fish, and they need dither fish to tell them that it’s ok to come out and swim. Finally, the power of plants. They’ll eat the ammonia produced by fish, consume CO2 and convert it to oxygen mixing it with the water, making it possible for the fish to breath. Boom!

Oh, the design process, that’s what took me the longest to decide. First, types of plants and fish I wanted to have, then the hardscape and, last but not least, the layout. I did some sketches, arranged the rocks and let them sit for a couple of days before I made my final decision.


The 5-inch iPhone

Apple uses four different display resolutions for its iOS devices in seven different configurations. There is something interesting happening here. Turns out that the iPad Mini 1 and the iPhone 1/3G/3GS use the same (non-retina) pixel density. When this display resolution goes 2X (to 326ppi), it serves the iPad Mini 2, iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5/5C/5S. The other display resolution is the one on the iPad 1 and 2, carrying the lowest resolution of iOS devices. When this displays doubles its resolution to retina (264ppi), it is used for the iPad 3, 4 and the new Air.

Now here is what is interesting. If we use the same display in an iPad 3/4/Air and cut it to the iPhone 5 size of 640×1136 pixels, the screens size is 4.94 inches. Do you want to make a guess what is the size of the Galaxy S4?

Apple Displays

Are we seeing a 5-inch iPhone in 2014? Could this become the new iPhone 6C to compete with larger Android phones?


Update your app soon

I still see many apps that are not optimized for the iPhone 5 larger screen, let alone iOS7 new style. Users care, and care quite a lot. Looking at some graphs it is clear to me that iPhone users want their apps optimized, either to match their screen size, or their iOS style. Here are some findings of an app, with around 25,000 MAUs (Monthly Active Users), that hasn’t been optimized for iPhone 5 nor iOS7.

Here is a graph from September 2013 to December 2013 showing active (blue) and new (red) users after iOS7 public release:

Active and new users graph

As you can see, this speaks for itself. Get in the developer program, work on your app and update it before the public release of the new iOS.

What Screens Want

An incredible piece by Frank Chimero about the evolution of designing for screens.

We can use the efficiency and power of interfaces to help people do what they already wish more quickly or enjoyably, and we can build up business structures so that it’s okay for people to put down technology and get on with their life once their job is done. We can rearrange how we think about the tools we build, so that someone putting down your tool doesn’t disprove its utility, but validates its usefulness.

iOS Map Icons

For the first 6 years of iOS, from 2007 to 2013, the Maps icon had a representation of the current Apple Headquarters at 1 Infinite Loop in Cupertino, CA. For this new release, the redesigned iOS7 seems to be looking forward to the upcoming years. The new Maps icon now represents Apple’s future campus.

Interestingly, if you take the iOS6 icon and put it on top of the map matching the size of the two loops, all the other streets on the map will match perfectly with the icon.

Another thing that surprised me was the size of the future campus compared to the current offices in 1 Infinite Loop.

iOS6 Maps Icon

iOS7 Maps Icon

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