Gerardo Diaz


Hi, I’m GERARDo Diaz.

Leading large design systems from concept, to implementation, and adoption. 

I was born and raised in Mexico Lindo. I discovered graphic design at the age of 15 when my high-school team needed a logo for our Marketing class project. I stayed up all night designing it in CorelDraw. Next day, my team was tremendously excited and motivated after looking at it. That day I learned how powerful good design could be. It can change a team’s work environment, product perception, and consumer behavior. Some years later, I started learning about usability, web standards and UX thanks to a big and humble group of people I found on the web.

After college, I first worked in the Government as a software developer. I then moved to Private and Non-Profit projects; including roles like Freelance Designer, VP of Marketing & Online Strategy for ALPFA Boston, Lead Designer at Pangea Connect (Acquired by Syrinx) and UX Lead Designer at (Acquired by Groupon). In 2009 I graduated from Harvard University with a Masters Degree in Management & Operations, helping me look at product design in more holistic way.

I’m currently living in Mexico, Boston, Delaware, New York City, South Bay - Silicon Valley with my wife and our two mini humans.