In 2012, Groupon acquired a startup called Savored where I was the Lead Designer. Savored allowed users to book a table in over 1000 restaurants and get from 15% to 40% off their entire bill, no vouchers needed. After the acquisition, I became the Lead Designer for Groupon Reserve. It launched on July 2013 with huge success. The biggest challenge was to adapt and match what we learned in Savored to what Groupon had. What worked for Savored didn't necessarily was going to work for Groupon, 

Main Reservation Funnel   

from savored to reserve

During the year of transition, I drove the end-to-end experience on all platforms. 


Reserve Integration

  • Browse
  • Search
  • Restaurant Pages
  • Confirmation Page
  • My Groupons
  • Email


  • iOS
  • Android
  • Web (Desktop)
  • Mobile Web
  • Email

High Fidelity Mocks for Reserve   
Reserve for Web (Desktop Only)