Yosko is redefining the way medical care is delivered. It’s goal is to help the care team communicate better, more efficiently and effectively. Handoffs account for an estimated 80% of serious preventable errors. We have built a communication app that allows the team to chat, share photos of the patient (i.e. burn progress), stay informed about allergies, meditations, and more. 


ipad & iphone apps

The challenge we faced was how to bring all the patient's information to the Care Team and any given time. We started with an iPad app quickly followed by the iPhone app. Now Doctos can consult and enter a big variety of information right from the bedside of the patient. The app also improved communication between members of the Care Team giving them the ability to share information, photos, sign documents, and more. 


NYP Care+ app - patient list

Quick glance of each patient's information and the status of their case. M.Ds. are able to quickly switch between patient lists and navigate to an specific section about the patient. 


NYP CARE+ APP - patient page

The Vital Signs are the most important piece of information for every patient. These VS are brought up and center for quick access and visibility.  . 


The NewYork-Presbyterian hospital was recognized for its NYP Care+ platform, a completely mobile, fully functioning Electronic Medical Record (EMR). With NYP Care+, providers have the ability to see real-time patient information from the palm of their hand. Using their mobile device, they no longer need to go back and forth to the desktop in order to check vitals, lab results and other pieces of pertinent information, saving a significant amount of time. Providers are also able to show their patients their information in real-time at the bedside.

YOSKO - Care Plus

Yosko Care+ is a simplified version of the Yosko full app. It focuses on messages, calendar and patients' schedule in the hospital. The app helps the Medical Team to stay on top of every item on their calendar and conversations with their peers. 



The app is white labeled for any hospital. Login can be done via password or Touch-ID. 


The Calendar app offers a timeline of the daily events with information like Location, Patient Name and Team members involved in each block.



Messages allow the team to send group and private messages, as well as assign cross-patients #hashtags. It also helps them share medication information, photos and medical documents. 



Provides an easy and fast way to understand what is the next step for each patient and his/her current status.